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Feel the Tremors of Effing Worms!

effing worms

Who says that there is nothing to be gained from cheap b-movies from the 80's? Tremors was an impressive little film that thrilled movie-goers with the concept of giant killer worms that would grab you right out of the very ground you were stepping on. The creatures were big, monstrous and attacked everything that would make a vibration on the floor -from sheep, to goats, to cows and of course, people. Effing Worms is a neat little flash game that brings us all back to that scenario... as the worm!

Yep, you got that right! Not only are we giving this little flash game a bit of time in the spotlight for being a tribute to a b-movie that we had grown to love, but also because this time, it lets you play as the giant monster. No need to run around looking for high ground in order to escape the creatures, you will be the one doing the grabbing from the earth (which is what the worm is called in the game and the movie: "graboids" -because they "grab" you).

Just to be clear, the game is not based on the movie itself. All you get are the giant super worms to control. The setting and characters all are completely different. Instead of terrorizing folks from a small isolated town (as in the movie), you get to send your worm on a power-rampage on an unnamed yet very populated city that is chock full of military defenses. Your aim to keep on grabbing them, chewing them up, and getting bigger!

Play Effing Worms

Death Worm Game

Take control of a spineless, tooth-filled worm with only one intent: Complete destruction of its surroundings. Guide the terrifying creature through the ground, into the air and back again as you annihilate animals, people and vehicles in your quest to earn more points in order to improve the creature’s strengths and destroy yet more surroundings. A vicious yet addictive cycle of fun and destruction.

Death Worm Game

Effing Worms 2

effing worms 2

If you haven’t played a worm-based game of destruction, chaos and bloodshed recently then I would highly recommend giving some serious consideration to investing some time in playing ‘Effing Worms 2’. In it, you are the puppet master pulling the e-strings of a giant worm-like creature that is constantly peckish and destructively persistent. Survive the swathes of attacks on the surface while intermittently bursting forth from the ground to make the interfering humans pay for their hostility by turning them into your next snack. This game is the obvious choice for violent entertainment.

Effing Worms 2

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